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References: Film and Cinema Studies

Posted: May 23rd 2014

Disclaimer: the following titles are not yet checked for their citation style.   Readings: Corrigan, T., & Patricia, W. (2010). The film experience: An introduction. (2nd ed.). Boston, New York: Bedford/St. Martins. Prince, Stephen. (2006). Movies and Meaning: An Introduction to Film. (4th ed.). Boston: Allyn & Bacon. Tinkcom, Matthew and Amy Villarejo. Eds. (1985). Keyframes: Popular Cinema and Cultural Studies. London: Routledge. Cook, Pam. Ed. (1985). The Cinema Book. London: British Film Institute. Nelmes, Jill. Ed. (2007). Introduction to Film Studies. Fourth Edition. London and New York: Routledge.   Other References: Ahmed, Akbar S. “Hello, Hollywood: your images affect Muslims everywhere.” (The West and Islam) New Perspectives Quarterly, Spring 2002 v19 i2 p73-75 Arroyo, Jose. Ed. Action/Spectacle Cinema: A Sight and Sound Reader. London: BFI, 2001. Austin, Bruce A. (1985). Current Research in Film: Audience, Econimics, and Law. Norwood-New Jersey, Ablex Publishing Co. Bazin, A. (1971). What is cinema? Berkeley: University of California Press. Biran, Misbach … Read more

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