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Posted: September 17th 2012

All right, let’s start this page with discussing about relation between bussines and technology  this age.

Everyone used technology to help them get their a lot of benefit. SMS, MMS, chatting, etc, are kind of facillities that we can find them inside the tecnology. As a simple example, today a lot of merchant can used their handphone to serve their customers.  They can used their phone to call, SMS, etc and it’s just for serve their customers. They can work effectively and efficient.

How wonderfull today that technology also have take the most part of our life, esspecially after people using internet. Everything about information, news, advertisement, etc, everyone can access them easyly by using the internet. But, technology and bussines are un-related before; they can’t support each other. In this modern age, people finds that internet and bussines are the most “dangerous” method to develop our life, especially bussines. I say it dangerous because in this modern age, internet and bussines can support each other. People realize that today internet can help them to promote anything.

Today, internet can be related to our dialy days. Not only used to promotion, but also help people to finish their works effecitively. Like i said before, people can used to get information, news, advertisement, etc.

But we realize that everything had their weakness. When the people thinking that internet had a super power to help them, but behind their power, there is some weaknesses. So, we must selective to use the internet, and use it with full of responsibillity.

Thank you.

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