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Review Information System 2

Posted: September 9th 2012

Hallo, everyone
Kali ini saya akan membahas tentang Review Sistem Informasi Pertemuan kedua.

First, we must know what is
Data : Raw Facts ; collected but not organized (ex: Audio, Picture, Graphic, Text, Voice)
Information : Data organized in a meaningful way (Marketing Analysis)
Knowledge : Information Organized to convey understandine, experience, accumulated, learningexpertise (Information + learning + experience = knowledge)
Computer Luteracy :Knowledge and understanding of computers and their uses
Computer : Electronic device operating under the control of instructions. Stored in his own memory

Then, with all of it, we will know what is
-Information System
A System that collects, Procces, stores and analyze data and desminates information for a specific purposes
-Computer Based Information System
1. The use of hardwere, softwere, data, people and procedures that work together to produce quality information
2. An Information system developed to provide a solution to a business problem
-Information Technology
A particular componen of a computer based Information System

What is the Fundamental Concepts?
*Information Infrastructure
-The Physical facilities, services and management that support all organizational computing resources
> Computer Hardwere
> General Purpose software
> Network and communications facilities
> Databases
-Defines Intergration, Operation, documentation, maintance and management of computing resources
-Defines how specific computing resources are arranget, operated and managed
*Information Architecture
High level plan details
-The organizations information requirements
-The way these requirements are being statisfied

*Transaction Processing System
-Support/preform/automates routine business events
-Collect, Store, Procces and dessminate basic business transaction data
– Peride be complex and sophisticated
-Essential to business succes today

*Management Information System
-Support rountine decision making
-Acces, organize, summarize and display information
-Emphosize rountine reporting on known also anticipated issues
-Also answer querries and forcast friends

*Intelegent Support System
-Include expert systems which provide the stored knowledge of experts to non experts and a new type of intelegent system with machine learning capabilities that can learn from historical cases.
*Knowledge Management System
-Support the creating, gathering,organizing,intergrating and dissminating of an organization.
*Data Werehousing
-A data were house is a database designed to suport DSS, ESS and other analytical and user activities.
*Mobile Computing
-Information Systems that support employee who are workung with customers or business partners outside the physical boundaries of their companies can be done over wire line or wireless networks

Chief Information Officer head IS in many organization

I Think that’s all the Review, Thanks for read 🙂

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