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Review Sistem Informasi 3

Posted: September 24th 2012

Hallo semuanya, kali ini saya membahas review pertemuan ketiga sistem informasi mengenai hardwere. The Hardwere of an information system -CPU (also called proccesor) -memory (temporary place for data and instructions) -Input devices -Output devices The classification of computers by power Strategic issues regarding hardwere What is motherboard? -main circuit board in systemunit -Contains adapter card. proccesor, chips and memory chips -Also called system board A microprocessor that executes instructions to perform processing tasks compoments parts are -Control Unit -RTHIMETIC-LOGIC UNIT -Registers -Primary Strorage Control unit -Acces program instructions -Decade (interpret) Instructions -Control flow of data throught system -Data flows through paths called buses Arimethic logic -Perform Conprations on data -Perform Comparisons on data Registers -High speed strorage areas -Hold data and instructions Memory -Electric components that store instructions, data and result -Consists of one or memory vhips on motherboard or other curcuit board -Each style stared in unique location called … Read more

Review Information System 2

Posted: September 9th 2012

Hallo, everyone Kali ini saya akan membahas tentang Review Sistem Informasi Pertemuan kedua. First, we must know what is Data : Raw Facts ; collected but not organized (ex: Audio, Picture, Graphic, Text, Voice) Information : Data organized in a meaningful way (Marketing Analysis) Knowledge : Information Organized to convey understandine, experience, accumulated, learningexpertise (Information + learning + experience = knowledge) Computer Luteracy :Knowledge and understanding of computers and their uses Computer : Electronic device operating under the control of instructions. Stored in his own memory Then, with all of it, we will know what is -Information System A System that collects, Procces, stores and analyze data and desminates information for a specific purposes -Computer Based Information System 1. The use of hardwere, softwere, data, people and procedures that work together to produce quality information 2. An Information system developed to provide a solution to a business problem -Information Technology … Read more

Hello world!

Posted: September 9th 2012

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