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Marine: Beautiful Yet Dangerous

Posted: September 15th 2014

From that very moment, both scientists and divers were able to admire and discover the wonders of the sea, unachievable for them until then. Among the fascinating creatures that live under the sea, nudibranchs are the most stunning of all of them due to their incredible colours, their beauty and their exotic forms. Also are known as sea slugs and butterflies of the sea due to their undulating way of swimming. They are considered the most beautiful creatures of the sea and as they move very slowly, they are very popular among submarine photographers.   Scientific Classification Kingdom:        Animalia Phylum:           Mollusca Class:               Gastropoda (unranked):      clade Heterobranchia clade Euthyneura clade Nudipleura clade Nudibranchia   Nudibranchs are little marine animals between 3 mm to 15 cm long, though some species can reach 30 cm. They can be very different in shape, but generally are elongated and symmetrical. They are benthonic species, living … Read more

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