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Teach Your Kids to Like Reading

Posted: April 15th 2016

Reading is a window to the world. By reading, you will gain broad insights. Reading also trains you to empathize with others. In fact, studies have shown that people who like to read books can live happier lives. Unfortunately, some Indonesians don’t like to read books. You can start introducing your child to various books from childhood to foster interest in reading. Here are tips that you can apply to make your children love reading books.

Various benefits when children read

There are various benefits of reading books that can be obtained. In addition to making you live happier, reading is an activity that provides calm and lowers blood pressure.

Reading also improves the cognitive function of the brain to think, understand the context, and sharpen the ability to remember. Therefore, being diligent in reading can reduce your risk of various age-related brain diseases, such as dementia and Alzheimer’s.

How to make your kids like reading

Children tend to imitate their parents’ behavior, including reading books. Here are some ways you can make children like reading books:

Give an example to the child

Children tend to imitate what their parents do. So, first demonstrate that you are accustomed to reading so that children like to read books too. No need for books that are “heavy”, invite children to read picture books together or read fairy tales to him.

Make it a habit to have reading sessions at least one hour a day. In this way, children will think reading is an important activity to do, so that over time they will get used to it and eventually read on their own without having to be “asked”.

Introduce various books for children

After children get used to cute and colorful picture books, start introducing more types of books and other reading materials. You can take the children for a walk to the library or bookstore. Introduce various reading books for children, so that later they can choose the books they like.

Encourage children to read what they see

Make reading an important part of your children’s life. Let them read menus, movie names, roadside signs, game guides, weather reports, and other simple information you find on a daily basis. Always make sure your kids have something to read in their spare time.

Let them choose what they read

Teaching children to read diligently is not just giving them reading books to read. Let them choose the books or reading material they will read. By choosing the books they read themselves, children will be more enthusiastic to do it themselves.

In addition, you also need to help children in choosing books that are appropriate for children with topics that interest them to trigger their desire to read.

Take advantage of the application on your gadget

Generally, children will more often use gadgets as a means of playing or to watch children’s videos. However, make it a habit for children to use gadgets to download reading applications that can be used as a means for children to like reading books. You can also monitor what reading your children enjoy doing.

Show your interest in children’s reading

Your response or response to children’s reading hobbies has a strong effect on how hard they will try to be good readers. Always remember to give them genuine compliments for their efforts.

You can ask children to retell books they have read, to show your interest in what your children read.

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