introductions to informatics technology 2

Posted: December 9th 2013

8-THE INTERNET, INTRANETS AND EXTRANETS Internet is The largest computer network in the world (a network of networks, by working with Internet, Information exchange is seamless using open, non-proprietary standards and protocols, within interconnected networks. Internet also a true democratic communications forum producing a democratization of information. Spirit of information sharing and open access underlies the Internet. There are some services found on the Internet: E-mail Web File transfer Chat Message board Instant messaging History of the internet : Internet hs grown from four host nodes in 1969, more than 1000 host nodes in 1984, and now more than 150 million nodes. The internet today The Internet is international, with users on all continents The massive network that connect s computer networks of businesses, organizations, government agencies, and schools around the world, quickly,  seamlessly, and inexpensively. The cost of personal computers and Internet connections are prohibitively high for most of … Read more

introduction to informatics technology

Posted: October 6th 2013

Week 2 : Business and IT Today’s businesses are facing countless pressures. Why it is happens? It happens because of the characteristic of  nowaday business Environment. The characteristic are rapid change, complexity, global economy, hyper-competition, and customers focus. Pressures can be in form of  : Global Competition for trade and labor, Real time operations (aviation, broadcasting, telecommunication, air force, marine life study etc), Changing workforce (becoming more mobile than last decade), Customer orientation, Information overload, Ethical Issues, Government Policies and Acts, Social Obligations, etc. So, it is challenging now for the businessmen because they must produce more with fewer resources. Information technology provides tools and capabilities to respond to those pressures. What can be done with IT and the consequences of using IT are very interesting, for examples E-Business, Mobile Banking, E-Ticketing, GPRS, Simulation and many more. Organizational structure, management, and business processes are often changed with IT, it is … Read more

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Posted: September 10th 2013

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