Motivation Letter

Beberapa sahabat menanyakan contoh motivation letter atau statement of motivation untuk mencari beasiswa dan mendaftar ke universitas. Berikut saya postingkan contoh statement of motivation yang saya buat untuk melamar di Wageningen University. Semoga bermanfaat! Salam, masboi

There was a time, 12 years ago, I remember, that was my first time to fall in love with media in general. Today, with the vast development on multi media technology, I intend to study it thoroughly. In the last six years, I have worked as a station manager on Sonora FM, a local radio in Palembang, a city in Southern Sumatra, Indonesia. Sonora FM is a part of Sonora Company, which has networking across Indonesia. This experience brings me to another stage of media conscience. I have multi-faced audience and various expectation for media’s agenda.

In Sonora, I developed radio journalism and interactive discussions. In printing media, I join in Tabloid Komunio, a monthly publication of Archdiocese Palembang. I also wrote articles in Sumatera Ekspres, a local newspaper. In online media, in 1999, I was involved in developing Berita Pemilu, an online election news portal. Now, I am participating in developing a citizen journalism project, called Halaman Satu (

I am keenly interested in acquiring theoretical knowledge and practical skills in media and journalism. I love to learn about the interrelations between cultural transformations in the media and technological developments, especially the usage of Internet. The Internet has had a major impact on all levels societies throughout the world. Specifically for journalism as it is practiced online, we can identify the effect that this has had on the profession and its culture. The journalistic reform movement (based on internet) known as ‘participatory’, or ‘citizen based’ journalism has also inspired me in recent years.

With the spirit of participatory journalism, I believe that a kind of alternative media needed to respond to the crisis about the voice of powerless and the victims that are ignored by mainstream media is citizen journalism. Furthermore, I choose to focus on ‘The role of citizen journalism to strengthen the democracy’ as the topic of my postgraduate research. The second topic is ‘What happens when a public journalism such as citizen journalism is appropriated by news organizations situated in Indonesia’.

I am highly motivated to pursue my studies in MSc Programme Applied Communication Science of Wageningen University. To study about Applied Communication Science will help me to strengthen my ability to analyze the problems about media, technology, and democracy. It will help me to construct the ideas and to focus my thought in developing the media in Indonesia. One of my main goals is to develop a powerful media to make a better civilization and to strengthen the democracy in Indonesia.

I know Wageningen University is one of the leading universities in the Netherlands. Wageningen University has highly recognized master programs, with high standard of education and the fact that it is respected so much for its way of interdisciplinary. Wageningen University also seems to be one of the most appreciated by international student academic cities in the Netherlands.

With a solid foundation in academic and work experience in media, I am confident that I will have skills, knowledge, experience, and contacts that will open visible perspectives for me to achieve desirable career in media and journalism, and hopefully, give contributions to increase the general level of media in Indonesia.

Yohanes Widodo

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