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Data, Knowledge, and Decision Support

Posted: December 10th 2012

On the making of Decision, there are many things to do before make a decision. First, Knowing what’s the problem Second, Need to have a good quality data to support the decision making Third, Begin to see the problem with processing the data Forth, See what’s the impact Fifth, The Decision Making Those decision making is not so easy as it see. But, it need a long way consideration. Also, to collecting data will take so long without any support to make it. That’s why today IT is essential to gather a data and processing it. Because “Data” is the most important knowledge to elevate the human. In Organization Managerial is the head of decision making for the development of that organization. Manager should have a good Informational roles, and Interpersonal roles. Because the manager decision is somewhat very essential. Those Manager need a support from IT, because the data … Read more

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