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Ethics Impact, And Security of Information Technology

Posted: November 19th 2012

First of all, let’s get more through about Information Technology, more we learn, more we know that the Information Technology is so powerful. With the power to control the Information, we also could manipulate it as we want. But, there must be a regulation to make a balance, that’s the function of an Ethic in Information Technology. In information technology there should be an authority for everyone who used it, so there is a limitation.

Ethic is a things that have been agreed about something right and wrong, that is the short meaning from me.

But, from somewhere else,
Ethics, also known as moral philosophy, is a branch of  that involves systematizing, defending, and recommending concepts of right and wrong conduct.It comes from the Greek word , which means “character”.

There are four type of ethic :

a. Privacy : How information are saved and than being shared, related to privacy, “Is the information could be shared?”
ex : Youtube (on the youtube, all the video shall not be downloaded by the visitor, but most of the visitor was downloading the video.

b. Accuracy : is related to “Is it true, that the information which shared come from the valid source?”
ex : Blog (it is not accurate, because it comes from what it heard, could be “HOAX”)

c. Property : Is an intelectual property
ex : When someone quote the article, include the writer.

d. Accessibility : If don’t have a rights to access, so don’t do.

Thae Information Technology will have an impact for a few side of life :

The Impact of Information Technology for the Corporate or an Organizations is so many. Few of them are
(1.) The organization will cut the structure, so make it more flatter or simple. Example : The Information System helps the organization to work more efficiently, so there is no need a complex system.
(2.) The organization will, also cut the employee. This is not too good condition for the worker, they also need a job, but because there is an Information Technology, which there is no need too much worker, so the organization will choose to cut their expand on the salary.

The Impact for the Jobs :
(1.) Some jobs will be eliminated, especially  intermediaries.
(2.) BPR will cause many job to redesign; more emphasis on computing abilities.
(3.) Experience and seniority may become less important in job advancement.
(4.) Managers Approach to decision making may change

The Impact for the Individuals
(1.) Will developing an anti social mindset
(2.) Increasing workload and demand for computer skills can be threatening.

The Impact for the Society
(1.) The IT, could make the society of life increasing, but not for every person. Just only for a few person who have  a disabilities.,
(2.) Improving in consumer information
(3.) The internet Communities provide social contact for people with common interest.

The Security

There are a lot of security breaching on the Information Technology System. The threat could be a data thief, hacker, cracker. Those are a threat for this Information Technology era.

The threat, divided into two:
a. Unintentional Threat
b. Intentional Threat


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