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IT Infrastructure – Telecommunication and Network

Posted: October 16th 2012

Still on the Information Technology Infrastructure. Now we will discuss about the computer telecommunication and networking which  it is essential on this day. With computer Telecommunication and Network I could posted my article, I could say hello to my distance friends, I could share my work, I could share my hobbies, I could get a good information, and many others. Telecommunication is a systems used in transmitting messages over a distance electronically and Network is a large system consisting of many similar parts that are connected together to allow movement or communication between or along the parts or between the parts and a control center. From the definition above, we could see that Telecommunication and Network are relate to each other. It’s defined that Telecommunication and Network is to communicate. So, the Computer Telecommunication and Network are, the communication between two or more computer system to share or transmitting a message over … Read more

IT Infrastructure – Managing Organizational Data and Information

Posted: October 6th 2012

Welcome to the next discussion of IT Infrastructure. First, we need to know what database is? Database is a data structure that stores organized information. The Database consist of a files, which file is a related collection of a record, for example the records of each costumers on the public service office.  The Files contain a records. In database, records is a a group of a fields within the table that are relevant on the specific entity. In turn, each record would consist of fields for individual data items, such as customer name, customer number, customer address, and so forth. Field is combination of one or more characters and it is the smallest unit of data user accesses.By providing the same information in the same fields in each record (so that all records are consistent), the file will be easily accessible for analysis and manipulation by a computer program. To manage the Database easily the … Read more

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