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Posted: September 26th 2012

On the infrastructure of IT, there is something called software. 🙂

What is Software?
Software is a computer program that give an instruction to the computer system to do a task, usually it has a specific job, because software is made for a purpose. Software will always keep up, because of the demand of human needs also the hardware, and software will always be improve.

The problem is,

more complex the software structure, more bug will interfere. Not bug as “bug” but  an error, flaw, mistake, failure or fault in a computer program or system that produces an incorrect or unexpected result, or causes it to behave in unintended ways. To resolve this bug, the developer needs to do a “Debugging” or checking and bugs removal unfortunately Debugging wasting time and money.

Software not only made by programmer, it also made by designer, scientist, and musician. It because the programmer can’t make it by himself without have any other speciality. It needs other specialist to make a program or software for a purpose. For example, a programmer wants to make a encyclopedia software which contains animals and plants description. The programmer doesn’t have a knowledge better than the scientist of animals and plants itself, so the programmer needs the information from that scientist and they need to work together to make it.

The programmer this day, get many benefit because the programming language is more easier. The growth of technology makes everything simplified, also for the person who develop that technology like programmer. The first time programming language is so complicated because it’s the machine language that only understand boolean or “0” and “1”, but the programming language this day more be a natural language.

There are two kind of Software it is, Application Software and Software System.


Application Software :

Application software is software that give an instruction that perform specific user task.

I know slight of application software from the popular developer like, Microsoft Office, Auto CAD, Corel Draw, Photoshop, Corel Video Studio, and many others. Those software has it own purpose, like Microsoft Office Word which have a purpose to do a word processing, Auto CAD which have a purpose to aid the user to design an 3D or 2D object, so on others software.

Software System :

Software System is software that manage the hardware resource

The example is Operating System.
Operating System have many Types :

  1. Desktop User
  2. Servers
  3. Enterprise User

Desktop Operating System have many other example like, Microsoft Windows, Mac OS and Linux. Without the Software System, the computer system wouldn’t work optimally. Because there is no managing on the hardware. I want to give more information on Linux, Linux is an Open Source Operating System, it is also free. Open Source means that the users could change or modify the source freely. Because of this, there are many kind of Linux like, Ubuntu, OpenSuse, Redhat, and many other.

Windows, Mac and Linux are the most common Operating System on Desktop, but there is also a Mobile Operating System like Android, IOS, Blackberry OS and Windows phone.

The newest Desktop Operating System form Microsoft is Windows 8, it have a great GUI even I’ve never used it. I read it on the internet that Windows 8 has an amazing interface that makes more user friendly like this :


Software Licensing :

Software could be a Freeware or a Shareware.

Freeware, is a free software which it doesn’t need any money to get the software, but the shareware needs to be license the software by paying to get the software benefit.

That is the software… interesting 🙂
thanks for reading my blog, and let’s share our knowledge

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