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Information Technology In Modern Organization

Posted: September 8th 2012

This day, Information Technology affects the business in modern organization so much. Without this Information Technology that can support their business or work, they couldn’t compete with other organization and will be abandoned by. The Information Infrastructure is one of the Information Technology affect. Information Infrastructure is the physical facilities, services and management that support all computing resources in an organization. There are five major component of infrastructure: computer hardware, general-purpose software, networks, and communication facilities, database, and information management personnel.


The Information infrastructure helps organizational resource to be collected, managed, and to make decision for the good of the organization. On the image on the left, it shows that Data warehouse is the place to collect the resource and can be managed by other system that integrated to the warehouse. The System that takes the data from the warehouse, doing a process called data mining. Data mining is the selection process to take the important data that needed.

Beside Information Infrastructure, there is also information Architecture. Information Architecture is a high level map or plan of the information requirements in an organization. It is a guide for current operation and a master plan for future direction, it also ensure that the organization’s IT meet the organization’s strategic business needs.

Type Of IS (Information System)

  • Transaction Processing System (TPS)
  • Management Information System (MIS)
  • Decision Support System (DSS)
  • Intelligent Support System (ISS)
  • End-User Computing
  • Knowledge Management System
  • Data Warehouse
  • Mobile Computing

Transaction Processing System is the helping tools that collecting, processing data and doing a simple business. it also provides the input data for many other application, including computerized decision making. The example of this system is, Point of Sale or something like modern market such as, indomaret, superindo, etc. ; Insurance Agent that input the costumer data into the information infrastructure like computer.

Management Information System is a system that processes the data that had been inputted and serve the information for every system process below. Could be used to see the trends or predicting a system but correlated with Information System. Example, the selection of new students for college; students that have been take the test will be graded; and the highest grade will be taken by the university to become a new students.

Decision Support Systems, Intelligent Support System is the support system to make a decision, but the intelligent S.S. could read or learn the history for the making of the decision. End-User Computing, is more like the user of the system. Knowledge Management System is a work result that measured in quantity and qualitative but the qualitative result change into quantity. Example, the qualitative result will be changed into quantity by grading it. And for the last is mobile computing. Mobile Computing, comes from Mobile (move) and Computing ( doing computation ) so, mobile Computing is a process of doing a movable computation.

All of that Information System Type is needed by a modern organization this day..

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