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IT Infrastructure – Computer Software

Posted: September 26th 2012

On the infrastructure of IT, there is something called software. 🙂 What is Software? Software is a computer program that give an instruction to the computer system to do a task, usually it has a specific job, because software is made for a purpose. Software will always keep up, because of the demand of human needs also the hardware, and software will always be improve. The problem is, more complex the software structure, more bug will interfere. Not bug as “bug” but  an error, flaw, mistake, failure or fault in a computer program or system that produces an incorrect or unexpected result, or causes it to behave in unintended ways. To resolve this bug, the developer needs to do a “Debugging” or checking and bugs removal unfortunately Debugging wasting time and money. Software not only made by programmer, it also made by designer, scientist, and musician. It because the programmer can’t make it … Read more

IT Infrastructure – The Computer Hardware

Posted: September 14th 2012

In the Computer, there are two main components there is, CPU (Central Processing Unit) or can also called Processor, and Memory. The CPU have a function to carries the information, process it, and carries out to be taken by the systems. The Memory have a function to temporarily holding place for data and instruction before the data and instruction being processed. These are some components inside microprocessor : Control Unit (CU) Arithmatic-Logic Unit (ALU) Registers Primary Storage Control unit have a function such as, translating the instruction and control the data flow. ALU have a function as a worker. If the CU translating the instruction, ALU has a job as a worker to do that translated instruction. Register have a part as a close data storage (memory), but it has a small capacity (2MB, 4MB,….) Primary Storage saves the instruction, it  is fast because it’s location close to the CPU.More … Read more

Information Technology In Modern Organization

Posted: September 8th 2012

This day, Information Technology affects the business in modern organization so much. Without this Information Technology that can support their business or work, they couldn’t compete with other organization and will be abandoned by. The Information Infrastructure is one of the Information Technology affect. Information Infrastructure is the physical facilities, services and management that support all computing resources in an organization. There are five major component of infrastructure: computer hardware, general-purpose software, networks, and communication facilities, database, and information management personnel. The Information infrastructure helps organizational resource to be collected, managed, and to make decision for the good of the organization. On the image on the left, it shows that Data warehouse is the place to collect the resource and can be managed by other system that integrated to the warehouse. The System that takes the data from the warehouse, doing a process called data mining. Data mining is the selection … Read more

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