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Data, Knowledge, and Decision Support

Posted: December 10th 2012

On the making of Decision, there are many things to do before make a decision. First, Knowing what’s the problem Second, Need to have a good quality data to support the decision making Third, Begin to see the problem with processing the data Forth, See what’s the impact Fifth, The Decision Making Those decision making is not so easy as it see. But, it need a long way consideration. Also, to collecting data will take so long without any support to make it. That’s why today IT is essential to gather a data and processing it. Because “Data” is the most important knowledge to elevate the human. In Organization Managerial is the head of decision making for the development of that organization. Manager should have a good Informational roles, and Interpersonal roles. Because the manager decision is somewhat very essential. Those Manager need a support from IT, because the data … Read more

Wireless and Mobile Computing

Posted: November 22nd 2012

Okaay.. this is our next discussion, it is all about Wireless and Mobile Computing… What is Wireless and what is Mobile? Basically, it is difference. But today, technology makes it become one each other. When you see a mobile device, it could do Wireless thing and do a Mobile Computing. Let me tell you about the definition. Wireless is come from Wire and less, it means no need of wired things to do. Wireless device : is a device who have an ability to communicated without wire. Wireless Technology The Example of device which have a wireless technology is : PDA, Cell Phone, Smartphone, Wireless Mouse / Keyboard, Laptop, Pager, and many other. On the wireless technology there is a protocol which is a rule that makes the communication run smoothly, it is called Wireless Application Protocol. It is the standard that enables wireless devices with tiny display screens, low … Read more

Ethics Impact, And Security of Information Technology

Posted: November 19th 2012

First of all, let’s get more through about Information Technology, more we learn, more we know that the Information Technology is so powerful. With the power to control the Information, we also could manipulate it as we want. But, there must be a regulation to make a balance, that’s the function of an Ethic in Information Technology. In information technology there should be an authority for everyone who used it, so there is a limitation. Ethic is a things that have been agreed about something right and wrong, that is the short meaning from me. But, from somewhere else, Ethics, also known as moral philosophy, is a branch of  that involves systematizing, defending, and recommending concepts of right and wrong conduct.It comes from the Greek word , which means “character”. There are four type of ethic : a. Privacy : How information are saved and than being shared, related to privacy, “Is the … Read more

Electronic Commerce

Posted: November 12th 2012

Hello to my beloved visitors 🙂 Today, I will discuss about an Electronic Commerce which today have a big improvement and keep arise to fulfill the public needs of easy way transactions. What is E-Commerce? E Commerce is the process of transactions such as, buying, selling, exchanging product, and service over an internet or electronic connection especially by computer. History Originally, electronic commerce was identified as the facilitation of commercial tranctions electronically, using technology such as Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) and Electronic Funds Transfer (EPT). These were both introduced in the late of 1970s, allowing businesses to send commercial documents like purchase orders or invoice electronically. The growth and acceptance of credit cars, automated teller machine (ATM) and telephone banking in the 1980s were also forms of electronic commerce. Today E-Commerce today have so many example such as, web store, E-Banking, b, and conducting electronically the business partners. E-Commerce for … Read more

IT Infrastructure – Telecommunication and Network

Posted: October 16th 2012

Still on the Information Technology Infrastructure. Now we will discuss about the computer telecommunication and networking which  it is essential on this day. With computer Telecommunication and Network I could posted my article, I could say hello to my distance friends, I could share my work, I could share my hobbies, I could get a good information, and many others. Telecommunication is a systems used in transmitting messages over a distance electronically and Network is a large system consisting of many similar parts that are connected together to allow movement or communication between or along the parts or between the parts and a control center. From the definition above, we could see that Telecommunication and Network are relate to each other. It’s defined that Telecommunication and Network is to communicate. So, the Computer Telecommunication and Network are, the communication between two or more computer system to share or transmitting a message over … Read more

IT Infrastructure – Managing Organizational Data and Information

Posted: October 6th 2012

Welcome to the next discussion of IT Infrastructure. First, we need to know what database is? Database is a data structure that stores organized information. The Database consist of a files, which file is a related collection of a record, for example the records of each costumers on the public service office.  The Files contain a records. In database, records is a a group of a fields within the table that are relevant on the specific entity. In turn, each record would consist of fields for individual data items, such as customer name, customer number, customer address, and so forth. Field is combination of one or more characters and it is the smallest unit of data user accesses.By providing the same information in the same fields in each record (so that all records are consistent), the file will be easily accessible for analysis and manipulation by a computer program. To manage the Database easily the … Read more

IT Infrastructure – Computer Software

Posted: September 26th 2012

On the infrastructure of IT, there is something called software. 🙂 What is Software? Software is a computer program that give an instruction to the computer system to do a task, usually it has a specific job, because software is made for a purpose. Software will always keep up, because of the demand of human needs also the hardware, and software will always be improve. The problem is, more complex the software structure, more bug will interfere. Not bug as “bug” but  an error, flaw, mistake, failure or fault in a computer program or system that produces an incorrect or unexpected result, or causes it to behave in unintended ways. To resolve this bug, the developer needs to do a “Debugging” or checking and bugs removal unfortunately Debugging wasting time and money. Software not only made by programmer, it also made by designer, scientist, and musician. It because the programmer can’t make it … Read more

IT Infrastructure – The Computer Hardware

Posted: September 14th 2012

In the Computer, there are two main components there is, CPU (Central Processing Unit) or can also called Processor, and Memory. The CPU have a function to carries the information, process it, and carries out to be taken by the systems. The Memory have a function to temporarily holding place for data and instruction before the data and instruction being processed. These are some components inside microprocessor : Control Unit (CU) Arithmatic-Logic Unit (ALU) Registers Primary Storage Control unit have a function such as, translating the instruction and control the data flow. ALU have a function as a worker. If the CU translating the instruction, ALU has a job as a worker to do that translated instruction. Register have a part as a close data storage (memory), but it has a small capacity (2MB, 4MB,….) Primary Storage saves the instruction, it  is fast because it’s location close to the CPU.More … Read more

Information Technology In Modern Organization

Posted: September 8th 2012

This day, Information Technology affects the business in modern organization so much. Without this Information Technology that can support their business or work, they couldn’t compete with other organization and will be abandoned by. The Information Infrastructure is one of the Information Technology affect. Information Infrastructure is the physical facilities, services and management that support all computing resources in an organization. There are five major component of infrastructure: computer hardware, general-purpose software, networks, and communication facilities, database, and information management personnel. The Information infrastructure helps organizational resource to be collected, managed, and to make decision for the good of the organization. On the image on the left, it shows that Data warehouse is the place to collect the resource and can be managed by other system that integrated to the warehouse. The System that takes the data from the warehouse, doing a process called data mining. Data mining is the selection … Read more

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