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Posted: October 1st 2012

Basic of Data Arrangement &Access Data hierarchy : Database contains files,file contains records, record contain fields, field contains charracters. Recall…8bits->1byte=>1 char Field (field size, field name, data type): a logical grouping of characters into a word, a small group of words, or a complete number. Record : a logical grouping of related fields. File : a logical grouping of related records. Database : a logical grouping of related files. Data Management Terminology Entity : a person, a place, thing, or event about which information is maintained. (Records) describe entities. Attribute : each characteristic or quality describing a particular entity.(Fields) describe attribute. Primary Key : field that uniquely identifies the record. Secondary Key : field doesn’t identify the records uniquely, but can be used to form logical groups of records. Locating Data in Database Centralized  :  All the related files are in one physical location Data consistency is improved and security is easier Recover from disaster … Read more

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