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Posted: September 30th 2012

System Software : Instructions that manage the hardware resources

Application Software : Instructions that perform specific user tasks

Operating System : main system control program supervises the overall operation of the computer, allocate CPU time and main memory to programs running on the computer, provides an interface between the user and the hardware.

Process management : manage programs running on processor multitasking or multiprogramming

  • Multitasking or Multiprogramming – managing two or more tasks, or programs, running on the computer system at the same time
  • Multithreading – type of multitasking; run two or more tasks from the same application simultaneously.
  • Timesharing – many users share same CPU, each using a different input/output terminal.
  • Multiprocessing – simultaneous processing with multiple CPUs.
•Virtual memory – simulates more main memory than actually exists in the computer system
•File management and security – managing the arrangement of, and access to, files held in secondary storage
•Fault tolerance – system can produce correct results and continue to operate even in the presence of faults or errors
•User interface – allows users to have direct control of visible objects (icons) and actions that replace complex command syntax
Types of Application Software
•Proprietary application software
Addresses a specific or unique business need for a company
•Off-the-shelf application software
Vendor developed programs sold to many organizations
May be standard package or may be customizable

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