Old Town in Jakarta City Indonesia

Colonial-style buildings dominated by white, black and dark green decorate the Old Town area. The towering large pillar buildings, complete with large windows, stand tall as if to seduce the visitors to stop for a moment.

For residents of Jakarta, Kota Tua is not a new and foreign tourist area. Kota Tua has been a part of Jakarta’s history for a long time.

This time, I will invite you to find out the charming history of the Old City. So, you will not only be stunned by the Instagramable buildings and areas, but also through its history.

The History of the Old Town, a Tourist City that is Not Just Instagramable

Kota Tua Jakarta in the past was not the exact same area as what you see today. Even though it still maintains some colonial-breathed buildings in it, Kota Tua in the past was not just an Instagramable or historical tour. However, it is the headquarters for the Dutch East India Company.

Compiled from various sources, the Dutch started the intercontinental spice trade monopoly in 1602. To ensure the continuity and smooth running of its business, the Dutch established the Dutch East India Company as the official colonial agent.

This company was founded in Kota Tua or what was formerly known as Old Batavia. The Dutch East India Company was known to be very strong. They are equipped with large financial support, the legal power to fight, enforce their own jurisprudence, to create settlements abroad.

So, don’t be surprised if you find many colonial-style houses and office buildings in Kota Tua. Like what you find at the Fatahillah Museum, Bank Indonesia Museum, or the Wayang Museum.

With the establishment of the Dutch East India Company in Old Batavia, Kota Tua Jakarta indirectly became the center of the capital as well as a silent witness to the occupation of the Dutch East India Company in Indonesia. The location of the Old City is also considered very strategic, so this area is always being fought over.

Kota Tua is only about 1.5 kilometers from Sunda Kelapa Harbor. One of the Jakarta Tourist Sunda Kelapa Harbor is a historic port of Jakarta which has been the main port of the Sunda Kingdom since the 13th century.

Sunda Kelapa Harbor developed rapidly due to the international spice trade. Now, at Sunda Kelapa Harbor, you can find a traditional Bugis Phinisi Schooner ship docked at the pier.

Across the Sunda Kelapa Harbor, you can find the Maritime Museum which was used by the Dutch as a warehouse for storing spices. Not far from the Old City, you can also find the Kota Intan Bridge, which is now also known as the Chicken Market Bridge.

The Chicken Market Bridge was built in the 17th century and stretches over Kali Besar. In the past, this bridge was used as a link between the Dutch Fort and the British Fort which was made by the VOC.

However, if a merchant ship passed by, the bridge would rise and give way. This 30 meter long bridge is even the only remaining bridge of its kind. Very neat and historic in Jakarta Tourist Attractions right?

To be able to visit Kota Tua, you can take a train that goes to Jakarta Kota Station and get off at the last stop. Well, if you are no longer in a hurry, you can, you know, take a moment to enjoy the facades of the buildings that are no less charming at this station.

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