5 Beard Care Tips to Stay Cool, Let’s See!!!

Posted: October 5th 2018

5 Beard Care Tips to Stay Cool, Let’s See!!!¬†Beard and moustache become a special attraction for men. Fine hair that grows in the face area is considered to be able to increase manly impression for the Adam. In fact, many men consistently provide special care for beards and moustaches so that they always look neat and attractive. For those of you who want to also look macho with a beard, you need to know how to care for the right beard and moustache.

Beard Care

Beard Care


Many consider bearded men to have their own charisma. Apparently, this assumption is also justified by science. A study of the Official Journal of Human Behavior and the Evolutionary Society states that bearded men are indeed seen to have a number of interesting characteristics, especially for women. Based on research, women consider bearded men to have attractive personalities, have adult characteristics, masculine, and certainly more handsome. to have a cool beard you need a beard care properly. so that the beard you have is cooler.

So, it’s no wonder many men are so obsessed with their beards and moustaches. Besides being able to make the appearance more attractive, the beard can also be the identity of the owner. Well, so you always look attractive with beards and moustaches, there are some maintenance tips that must be applied such as:

Trim or shave the beard

In order not to look dirty and tangled, the beard needs to be trimmed or shaved regularly. So, don’t wait a long time to shave the beard styles. Once it looks long and stabbing, immediately shave the beard with the right tools. Now, about this shaver, you are encouraged to use a device that is in accordance with the shape of the face and the desired beard model. Also, make sure the chosen tool has sharp blades or scissors so the results are better.

Beard care

Here it is that must be put into the daily routine if you want your beard to look clean and neat. Although not visible, bacteria, dead skin cells, and many leftovers nest in beards. Therefore, it is not surprising that occasionally the chin feels itchy. To overcome this, you need to clean the beard with special cleansers and scrubs.

What Should Be Needed For Beard Care?

Beard Oil

Heavy beards or sideburns sometimes become more difficult to tidy up. To make it more manageable, you can use special oils. The oil can soften, moisturize, and make the beard shinier. Apply oil after bathing so that the contents are more easily absorbed into the skin.

Combing beard

Not just the head’s hair that has to be combed regularly, you must also make sure the beard is always neat by combing it. Regular combing of beards is not only able to tidy up strands of wild hair but can also ensure the beard grows in the right direction.

Use special moisturizers

Beard moisturizers not only can be used to organize but can also increase the volume of the beard to make it look thicker. Dirt that is usually attached to the beard or chin skin can also be minimized by using moisturizers regularly.

How are you? It’s easy, right? to have a cool beard. Most importantly, do not be lazy to always maintain the cleanliness of the face and the beard care so that your appearance remains neat and attractive.

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