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Vegetarian Diet Types that You Need to Know

Posted: April 26th 2021

There are many types of vegetarian diet that you have to understand. In general, people think of vegetarian meal as the ones containing no animal-based products at all. However, how about fish or egg? Well, it will all get explained here. This is the list of some notorious types of vegetarian meal that you should really need to know.

  1. Vegan Diet

Vegan is like the most extreme type of vegetarian diet. When you are vegan, you are avoiding all types of animal-based products. You do not eat meat, eggs, dairy or fish. Almost everything that being consumed by a vegan is plant-based one. This lifestyle has become very prominent these days as people are trying to get healthier and more aware of animal’s well-being.

  • Lacto-Ovo Vegetarian Diet

Lacto-ovo diet is when you are not eating meat of all sorts (red, white, etc.) and also not eating fish. However, you are allowed to eat dairy as well as eggs. Fowl is not allowed as well in this kind of diet but dairy products like yogurt and milk are allowed.

  • Ovo-Vegetarian Diet

Ovo-vegetarian is almost the same as the previous one. It is not allowing the followers to eat red meat and white meat. Fish and fowl are not allowed as well to consume here. Those who follow ovo-vegetarianism are not eating dairy products BUT they do eat eggs. That is like the main protein source in this diet.

Basically, almost all types of vegetarian foods will exclude red meat or meat in general. However, based on the information above, you can conclude that some types of them are still tolerant toward eggs and fish. Read the information above just in case you are in the phase of trying to be a vegetarian, and choosing what kind of vegetarian diet you want to consume.

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